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With minimum wage close to an all-time low, President Obama is looking to expand overtime pay to more businesses. Obama will head the Labor Department in revamping its program to include fast-food managers, loan officers, and computer technicians to qualify for overtime pay. [NY Times

Glenn Ford, a Louisiana man who was wrongly convicted of murder in the ’80s was exonerated and released due to unsubstantial evidence. Ford is one of the longest-serving death row inmates in American history to be exonerated by the government. Ford served over 30 years in jail for the murder of Isadore Rozeman, a man he did occasional yard work for. Under Louisiana law, Ford may receive a major payout for the unjust conviction – wrongly convicted inmates can get $25,000 per year of wrongful incarceration up to a maximum of $250,000, and another $80,000 for loss of “life opportunities.” [CBS News

Joel Osteen needs a prayer right now. The televangelist’s church was robbed of over $600,000 in cash, checks and credit card information over the weekend. The money and information were taken from a safe kept at the Lakewood Church. Police are ruling out a data breach and mentioned that the funds were fully insured. [Reuters

The numbers are slowly growing for Obamacare. With one month to go for enrollment, Obamacare has reached the 4.2 million mark in the past month. Officials are hoping that the numbers will continue to grow as the deadline quickly approaches on March 31. Perhaps we can thank this hilarious video for the huge spike. [Think Progress