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Mother Nature can be a real pain sometimes.

As we head toward the end of winter, many people in the U.S. are still experiencing snow and other crazy weather patterns. We’re sick of snow.

What makes the day brighter? Our favorite meteorologists putting a fun silly spin on the weather.

From Kevin Hart defining the Polar Vortex, to one meteorologist getting plowed by a heap of snow, check out some of craziest weather moments below.

Oh, boy. Accuweather’s Jim Kosek gave viewers a full on freak-out during his broadcast of the ‘Snowpocalypse’ in the Baltimore/DC area. With the snow piling up to 22 inches, we see why he went cray.

Katy Perry paid a visit to an Australian morning news show to play weather girl. The singer does a good job with her magic wand as she struggled to pronounce the cities. She even tells us the weather at Hogwarts!

Kevin Hart visited CNN’s weather segment during his press tour for the hit film Ride Along with Ice Cube. His breakdown of the Polar Vortex may leave you scratching your head, but he did tell us how rainbows are formed.

Steve Keeley of Fox Philadelphia reported on the major snowstorm in New Jersey last week and was subsequently hit by a huge amount of snowplow wet stuff.

Fox meteorologist Megan Green attempted to make the weather fun by playing around with a green screen. Meteorologists know the rule – never wear green in front of the green screen. See what happened above.

Former Daily Buzz meteorologist Mitch English gave audience big laughs without even trying. In this clip, Mitch doesn’t realize the awkward moment until it’s too late. 

This guy seriously loves Mother Nature. Channel 10’s Long Island meteorologist David Weiss’ animated antics and hilarious weather reports make the weather not so gloomy.