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Mariah Carey still got it.

The 43-year-old mother of twins the world affectionately knows as “Dem Babies” is back in the studio ahead of her forthcoming album, The Art of Letting Go – but not without a little R&R first.

As she listened to the music she laid down the night before in a makeshift studio, Mariah luxuriated in all of her awesomeness via a dip in the pool.

It may be difficult to see, but Mariah is wearing a teeny, tiny red halter top bikini that reveals a super flat stomach and curves for days.

She captioned the above photo:

Music is my life #Gratitude

Nick Cannon – who we imagine is on the other side of the lens – definitely has an eye for beauty. Check out more photos from the R&B diva’s relaxing morning listening session below.

To view a brighter version of one photo and really get a good dose of what Mariah’s working with, click here.


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