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He comin’ home today! I told y’all n*ggas!

Lil Boosie’s daughter is certainly her father’s child and we learned that shortly after the world started celebrating his March 2014 release from prison. 

After being locked up since 2009 for drug charges, Lil Boosie came home to a nation full of excited fans – one of those fans being his very own daughter, who used the choice words above to express her joy.

Now, Lil Boosie – who’s already back at what he does best – is commenting on his daughter’s video. He told AllHipHop:

“I was too happy to fuss. You know, after that I told her I didn’t want her saying the word. But, she was one of those that went through ‘your daddy ain’t coming home’, ‘yo daddy this’ in schools and such. So, I think it was just..when I called her and told her I was coming home, I think it was all the stuff she went through coming out. I didn’t know she had it in her. [Laughs]”

If you missed the video, check it out below and you’ll understand exactly what Boosie is referring to when he says he “didn’t know she had it in her.”

 SOURCE: AllHipHop | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram 

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