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It’s kind of hard to separate actors from their roles when they’re the center of cult-classics. Daniel Radcliff will always be Harry Potter, Arnold Schwarzenegger could govern every state in the U.S. and still be known as “The Terminator,” and Sarah Jessica Parker will always be the stiletto-wearing Carrie Bradshaw.

The latter isn’t so rough to get over, because aside from the Mr. Big obsession and personality attributes, real life Sarah Jessica Parker loves shoes, and lives in a pretty sweet NYC home, which may be part of why we really can’t get enough of her.

Vogue Diaries tapped SJP for one of her best interviews (but not weirdest) where the actress and mother of three answered 73 completely random questions in a little more than 5 minutes, all while giving us a semi-tour of her West Village brownstone. Check out the amazing video above, and then try not to love her more than you already do, we dare you.

SOURCE: Vogue Diaries