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This just in.

Earlier this month, Classified resurfaced with a brand new track called “Higher” featuring B.o.B, and now the Canadian rapper is back with the song’s futuristic visual that flawlessly depicts the powers of weed – by way of beautiful women.

Look closely and it won’t take long for you to understand – As they harmonize with lyrics like, “Your love keeps lifting me higher,” Classified and B.o.B are actually singing about their ongoing infatuation with Mary Jane, while using super sexy models to show the world just how real the love is.

If you haven’t heard the desire-fueled track that samples Jackie Wilson’s “Higher and Higher” and has B.o.B showing off the distinct flow we’ve missed so dearly, you’ll be happy to know both artists stay true to their sound and definitely created a flawless ganja track for fans.

Check out the exclusive video premiere above and leave your thoughts below. We dig it.