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This is tragic.

A 16-year-old boy in Northern California was killed as he saved his girlfriend from being hit by an oncoming train.

According to the KCRA, Mateus Moore and Mickayla Friend were heading to a school dance together and were walking along the train tracks when a speeding train nearly killed Friend before her boyfriend, Moore, pushed her out of the way.

The young hero did not survive the accident and his girlfriend – who is also 16-years-old – is in critical condition.

Family members have told the press that Moore was Friend’s “first love”, and they had been together for some time.

Her sister told the site:

“It’s her first boyfriend and her first love,” Alithya Friend, Mickayla’s sister, told the station. “And she just got it taken away from her in an instant.”

The two teens didn’t seem to hear the conductor’s whistle, or the train’s horn as it blew while approaching them on the tracks. We pray for Mickayla, her family, as well as Mateus Moore’s family.

He truly was her hero.


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