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Karrueche wants everyone to know that she’s not just a pretty face.

The model who came to fame as Chris Brown‘s girlfriend is now single and enjoying life on her own terms. The beauty took to Instagram to display her cooking kills by making cupcakes from scratch with her niece.

She posted the above pic with the caption:

Bakin cupcakes with this munchkin

To prove that the cupcakes were all her, Karrueche posted a pic of her niece adding the ingredients to the bowl with the caption: “From Scratch.”

The finished product made us all go ‘YUM!’

Kae also hit up her nephew’s basketball game this weekend. She posted the above photo and jokingly wrote:

“Nephews game.. why is he the only black kid on both teams lol”

Beauty, cooking skills and a sense of humor? Kae has it all.


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