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Legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin is working on a brand new album, and although it was confirmed that she’s teaming with mega producer Babyface, the 71-year-old singer revealed Andre 3000 is also working on the record.

During her impending 72nd birthday party (which is tomorrow), Aretha spoke about her new album:

“I’m just waiting for him (Babyface) to finish that so he can finish my tracks please. And I think Andre 2000 – is it two or three? 3000 is going to be doing some of the tracks with him.”

Aretha’s so awesome and legendary, she doesn’t even know Andre’s moniker.

We have no idea what a Andre 3000 and Aretha Franklin collaboration will sound like, but hey, we respect it. There’s no word on when Aretha’s new album will be released, but fans can count on it dropping later on this year.



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