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Just a few weeks after releasing “Cold Case,” Elle Varner follows up with a new song titled “See Me Tonight.”

In an effort to promote her Perfectly Imperfect follow-up, Elle is planning to release not one, but two more songs dedicated to a different four-letter word besides “love.”

“I don’t want anybody seeing me cry, I don’t want anybody to know,” sings Elle.

Elle spoke about the concept behind the album’s title 4 Letter Word:

“The title is open to interpretation, hence the symbols used in the campaign – ‘>$@!’ It’s whatever you feel when you experience the album. Does ‘>$@!’ stand for love? Pain? Life? That’s for the listener to decide. 4 Letter Word has the kind of range that can’t be embodied by a single word or phrase.”

“See Me Tonight” is featured on Elle’s sophomore album 4 Letter Word, due out later on this year. Listen to Elle’s new track below.

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