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Apparently that’s a question people are actually asking. We get it, haters are gon’ hate (especially when it pertains to anything KimYe is doing), but, seriously?!

In case you were wondering, we can assure everyone that North West, who is the real star of the spread, is absolutely makeup-free.

Aaron de Mey, the makeup artist behind the controversial cover, tells

“She didn’t need it! She is such a little cutie!”

Can we not speculate on whether or not a nine-month-old baby’s beauty is being enhanced and focus on how darn precious she is? Those eyebrows, those chubby cheeks, the little rolls on her legs: We could seriously just eat. her. up.

And although her mama Kim is usually all made-up, de Mey says he wanted her natural beauty to shine through on the shoot:

“She specifically colored her hair darker for the photoshoot and really thought about how she wanted to look on the cover, but she was also open to what I wanted to do,” he said. “She has amazing lashes, so I chose to play them up along with creating a smoky look with chocolates, browns, taupes, and a little bit of gold on the inner corner of her eyes to make her eyes pop. And I stayed away from contouring — she has such a beautiful complexion and I really wanted that to show through, so I kept the rest of her face super clean and minimal when it came to the makeup.”

Even though it hasn’t been revealed if Kanye was touched up (as if that really matters), he wasn’t afraid to chime in on his fiancée’s appearance, “but it was in an encouraging way,” de Mey says:

“He thought that her makeup looked very beautiful, but definitely had opinions on the dresses and the styles he liked best, but it was in a supportive way — it was lovely to see them interact with each other.”

So, there’s that.