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Drake lit the ‘net up last night when he released “Draft Day,” a subtle (yet not-so-subtle) jab at Jay Z, the hip-hop head honcho that seems to invoke fear in the hearts of many. Except for Drizzy, apparently.

At some point, their signals got crossed. Drizzy had enough of the art references in Hov’s lyrics, in response, Jay called Drake “Mrs. Drizzy” while sarcastically firing off with more “art talk” on Jay Electronica’s “We Made It” remix, and here we are today… deciphering the 27-year-old Toronto native’s quick comebacks on his new track:

“Just hits, no misses (Mrs.) that’s for the married folk

Tell ’em fix my suite up ’cause I’m coming home

I heard they talking crazy; I was out of town

You know they love to pop all that shit when I’m not around

But when I’m here, not a sound

That’ll make me snap, jot it down

Go in the booth and lay a body down.”

Sealed with an art reference of his own:

“I think I’m on my eighth flow, just watch me paint though

We all do it for the art so I can never hate though”

There aren’t many rappers who make us question our undying loyalty to Hovito and his goddess of a wife, Bey, but for some reason when it’s Drake vs. Jay Z, we have a problem choosing sides and playing favorites.

Here are a ton of reasons why.

1. Well obviously, with Hov comes Bey.

And we ain’t never seen a booty like this:

2. But with Aub comes Rih. #AubRih

And Rih’s curves ain’t no gotdamn joke either:

3. But actually Hov signed Rih… so, yeah. There’s that.

4. Drake turns up.

It could happen at any moment. Just wait on it.

5. Jay Z is, like, a God… That’s a universal opinion, right?

6. Drizzy gives us a buzz.. remember kids, don’t Drake and drive.

7. But Hov be shining. Teach us how to shine like you Hov.

8. Drake brought us Take Care, which made us do things we don’t usually do:

9. Hov brought us Blue Ivy, so we’re forever indebted.

10. Drizzy’s sweater game is Black excellence.

11. Jay Z’s suit and tie game is unmatched.

12. Drake once did this:

13. But Hovito once did this:

14. Drake has dope ass friends. Can we be friends with your friends, Drizzy?

15. Jay Z doesn’t use the “friend” term loosely… but he does have 19 Grammys. That he & Blue Ivy sip out of.

16. Drake was “Wheelchair Jimmy”… who we were in love with as teens.

17. We admit, we thought Hov was pretty sexy in “Big Pimpin'”…

18. Drake has more number one singles on Billboard’s “Hot Rap Songs” chart than any other artist. He also has more number one singles on Billboard’s “Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs” chart than any other rapper, including Hov.

19. Hov’s net worth is at nearly $500 million.

20. But who can resist a face like this?

The truth is – you just got to love them both.

PHOTO CREDIT: Tumblr, Instagram, Getty

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