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Oh, James Franco.

On Wednesday, the actor/director/writer/student/ladies-man got caught slipping hard out here in these Internet Streets. A 17-year-old girl released conversations with the 35-year-old actor in which he tried to pick her up. Now in New York City, the age of consent is 17, but still…this was seen as being a tad bit, uh, creepy.

Yesterday, the actor appeared on The Today Show where he apologized for his actions. But this isn’t over just yet: there are theories out there that it was all a master plan by James Franco. See, he has a new movie coming out called Palo Alto. In the film, an underage girl has a thing for Franco, who plays a soccer coach.

Sounds familiar, no?

We’re not sure what’s really going on. All we know is that the DMs are funny, so we decided to track other unfortunate DMs celebrities have sent on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media outlets.

Check it out in the gallery below.


10 Famous Celebrity DM Fails (PHOTOS)
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