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This is something we never thought we’d would see…

A 9-month-old boy from Pakistan was charged with attempted murder, as well as threatening police after a mistake was made during a protest arrest case.

According to Fox News, little Muhammad Mosa Khan ended up being one of many suspects after police conducted a raid in Lahore, in a supposed attempt to catch gas thieves.

The other suspects, including Khan’s father, are accused of throwing stones at security officers, even though they claimed they were just protesting the electricity shortage.

Khan’s father says that the case was created as a fraud by the police, and he’s trying to get the charges brought against him dropped. As far as the baby goes, when a judge realized how old little Muhammad was, he granted him bail.

Apparently, there was a misunderstanding that led to booking the 9-month-old and the superintendent behind it has been suspended.


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