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There was a time, not too long ago, when Murder Inc. was absolutely unstoppable.

With talent like Ja Rule, Ashanti, and Charlie Baltimore ruling the radio, it was obvious that Irv Gotti really had something special with the infamous record label that boasted hits like “Between Me & You” featuring Christina Milian, “Put It On Me” featuring Lil Mo & Vita, and “Down 4 U.”

Even in 2014, we sometimes wake up and can’t get the infectious tunes out of our heads, so in honor of Throwback Thursday, we listed our absolute favorite Murder Inc. tracks.

You’re welcome.

Ja Rule Feat. Christina Milian – “Between Me And You”

Ja Rule Feat. Charli Baltimore – “Down Ass Chick”

Ashanti Feat. Biggie Smalls – “Unfoolish”

Ja Rule Feat. Ashanti – “Mesmerize”

Ja Rule Feat. Vita, Ashanti, & Charli Baltimore – “Down 4 U”

Ja Rule Feat. Vita & Lil Mo – “Put It On Me (Remix)”

Ashanti – “Foolish”

Jennifer Lopez & Ja Rule – “Ain’t It Funny (Remix)”

Ja Rule – “Holla Holla/It’s Murda”

Ja Rule Feat. Ashanti – “Always On Time”

Ja Rule Feat. Bobby Brown – “Thug Lovin'”

Ja Rule, Nas, & Ashanti – “The Pledge”

 PHOTO & VIDEO CREDIT: Instagram, Youtube

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