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On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden made us all squeal when he unveiled his new Instagram page featuring some cool ass shots of Obama’s right hand man and an epic selfie that we still can’t get over.

Which made us think…if his page is going to be anything like Michelle Obama’s dope profile (full of the best Obama Throwback Thursday pics ever) and President Obama’s (manned by talented White House photographer Pete Souza), then shit just got real.

He already has a sense of humor, so you know the posts will be funny. He’s BFF’s with the President, so you know his flicks will be exclusive. And with that “IDGAF” smile and pointing finger, you know it’s going to be oh-so-Biden.

Biden already killed the game with the handful of pictures he posted yesterday (see here), but this is what we’re hoping to see from the third most epic Instagram account in the White House.

More faces like this:

And totally Biden “thumb-up” photos like this:

And poses like this…preferably with a “YAAAAAAAS” caption:

We’re looking for Instagram videos with more of this classic Biden expression:

And Throwback Thursday posts where he shouts out his BFF Obama while throwing shade at John Boehner:

Accidental photobombs are totally welcome:

As are these cool ass photos of Biden in sunglasses bossing out:


They’re clearly…

His signature…

And hopefully he won’t take the social media platform too seriously and post some Flashback Friday gaffes:

But we’re really hoping to see more of this bromance in video, collage, selfie…just give us more OBiden:

Anyway, we’re really excited. He just might want to stay away from posting things like this:

Because Jill just might throw him one of these…

And make him delete Instagram. And then where would we get our Biden fix?

Biden, play it safe. And continue blessing us with your awesomeness.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube

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