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Beyonce knows her fans well – that much is obvious, as she shared a new photo of herself and Jay last night that she knew we’d all just eat up.

After all, what’s better than starting your weekend off on the run with Bey-Z?

On the heel of rumors that the superstar hip-hop couple will are planning on going on tour together, Bey and Hov were spotted on set of a top secret video shoot early Friday. In true Hovito fashion, Jay rocked all black, while his wifey – who was sitting on the back of his motorcycle – wore black boots, short shorts, and a wedding veil.

Though the video shoot could have something to do with their rumored tour, it totally looks like the perfect visual for the couple’s Magna Carter Holy Grail track “On The Run (Part II).

Bey may have surprised us with an entire visual album filled with videos she managed to keep from us, but we’re on it this time around. Bey also shared a stunning photo of herself rocking curls under a top hat, which she paired with a crop top, midi-skirt, and the perfect red lip to finish it off.

Is it us, or does Beyonce just get sexier as the days go on?

You ready, Beyhive? This is bound to epic.