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Look who got herself another magazine cover for the month of June.

So, there’s no bikini this time, but Kate Upton and her curves are pretty in pink for Cosmopolitan Australia. The tagline reads, “Damn, girl!” Our sentiments exactly. Proving to be much more than just a pretty face, the swimsuit model’s got real staying power and a growing portfolio of fashion magazine front pages and editorials, AND acting credits.

While we admire her voluptuous curves, what we love most is what the model stands for. In an industry that often seems to champion super skinniness in fashion, it’s refreshing to see a girl with a fuller figure doing as well as she is right now. And by no means is she plus-sized. Compared to the skinny, or even freakishly thin, models we’re used to seeing, she’s an average-sized girl with a lot of curves and confidence to match. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Not to mention her new film The Other Woman is burning up the box office. Kudos, Kate!

PHOTO CREDIT: Cosmopolitan

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