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So this happened.

A Pennsylvania grandmother was arrested after her 7-year-old grandson allegedly brought her heroin to school.

Pauline Bilinski-Munion, 56, now faces child endangerment and drug charges. When questioned by police about the drugs her grandson had, she said she “lost track” of them last Thursday while babysitting the boy. Teachers at Calm Elementary School discovered the heroin after overhearing the student tell another student he had the drugs.

The drugs were branded with the words “Victoria Secret.”

At least one other child took a packet of heroin home, according to Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan.

“A mother was walking with her child in the mall and found the child with a baggie of heroin that they got from the child that brought it in the school,” he told CBS Philadelphia.

Hogan said the school district failed to notify the DA about the incident. Instead, officials distributed a note to parents stating that a “dangerous and illegal” substance was found in the grass at recess.

The notice advised parents to check their children for the substance and suggested they may want to take their children to the emergency room for an evaluation.

But when the DA’s officer learned about the incident from media, a search warrant was issued for Bilinski-Munion’s home.

The suspect allegedly told detectives that she is an active heroin user, and found the drugs outside her home on Thursday. Court documents say she decided to keep the heroin “in case of an emergency,” according to

She was promptly booked and held at the Chester County Prison on $25,000 bail. Read about it here…[HuffingtonPost]

Meanwhile, a Guyanese man who thought he could outsmart the police is in big trouble after he was caught trying to smuggle a large quantity of cocaine into the U.S. by hiding it inside of powdered custard.


The man, Godfrey Cassius, arrived at JFK International Airport after returning from Georgetown, Guyana. Customs and Border Patrol agents knew something was up because the bags of powdered custard he was carrying contained white powder that reeked of a “strong chemical odor.” That powder tested positive for cocaine—18 pounds of it.

Well damn! Read about it here…[Complex]