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Rumors of rapper T.I. having a relationship with a woman by the name of Lexxy recently surfaced, but thankfully for Family Hustle fans, the married rapper is setting the record straight.

The rumors all started when Lexyy, better known as Alexis Lacey, posted a picture of herself and the rapper last weekend, leading many to think that she must be his sidepiece. The fact that his wife, Tiny, posted many pictures on Mother’s Day that didn’t include T.I. probably didn’t help much either.

However, according to TMZ:

T.I. tells us he didn’t lay a hand on the woman … he had never seen her before that day … and he has not seen her since. 

We also spoke to Lacey (who also goes by Lexxy) and she says she was at T.I.’s house with a friend and NOTHING happened between them. 

Glad to see no one is thirsting for attention here. T.I. recently addressed his relationship issue with his wife Tiny in a song with Jhene Aiko. Yes, the duo has had their problems, but they’re working through it.

Thankfully, things appear to be all well in the Grand Hustle family.