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Sometimes you just have to wonder where these ideas come from.

According to Metro UK, Sainsbury’s, a popular supermarket chain in London, came under fire Monday morning when a photo surfaced online of a mannequin dressed in slave attire to accommodate the DVD release of 12 Years A Slave.

The mannequin was dressed in a shirt with holes, cut off shorts, and a twig sticking out of the pocket.

The ragged clothes didn’t appear to be on sale themselves, but their use as a way of pushing sales of the film was at best a very bizarre PR stunt. Amid the backlash, Sainsbury’s issued a swift apology. The display has now been taken down.

After a huge amount of backlash on Twitter, a Sainsbury’s rep apologized for the promotion fiasco.

While some PR stunts are worth remembering, Sainsbury’s should just sell groceries and leave the public relations work to the professionals. Especially when it has to do with race.