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With multiple petitions drafted for Jay Z and Beyonce to turn their “Run” trailer into a full-length movie, the good folks at ELLE magazine caught up with the mini-movie’s director Melina Matsoukas.

Although “Run” was never meant to be a full-length film, Jay Z and Beyonce contemplated placing the movie trailer in theaters nationwide to build buzz for their accompanying On The Run tour, but ultimately decided not to get fans excited about a film that would never come (how thoughtful).

I’m guessing you imagined this video would make a splash one way or the other. So far it’s gotten really positive reviews. People are even petitioning to turn it into an actual feature film.

I knew there would be a lot of dialogue. I wasn’t totally sure which way it would go. I’m glad it’s being received well. It’s funny because when we started I really wanted it to be a trailer, as did one of the people Jay works with creatively whose also one of my good friends. We were talking about putting it before a movie like Godzilla in the theater and really kind of tricking people. But Beyoncé was like ‘I think people are going to be really mad if we trick them!’ So that’s when I came up with the whole “Coming Never” which solved that problem.

I take it Bey and Jay were pleased with how it turned out?

They loved it. Once I sent the edit out they were sending me all kinds of emails of encouragement. They went crazy for it. So I was really excited in the end. It was all worth it. It was definitely a challenging ride.

Let’s just put this to rest: so we’re definitely not getting a full-length feature film from this project?

It’s coming never! Sorry guys! Unless Beyoncé and Jay Z decide to change that.

You may not be able to catch them in theaters this summer, but you will be able to catch the Carters on tour together. Read more of the in-depth interview with Melina Matsoukas here.

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