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OK, seriously? ANOTHER magazine cover, Elle?!

The 16-year-old actress is having her best year ever–she might be the little sister of Dakota Fanning, but she’s been basking in the limelight as she’s set to star alongside Angelina Jolie in this summer’s Maleficent. But lately, she’s got herself a brand new gig as being the cover girl of, like, a ton of magazines, and as being the coolest girl ever.

Her latest interview with ASOS magazine gives us a few reasons why she’s the coolest, like:

She’s practically besties with Karl Lagerfeld:

“I’ve known him for a while…ever since he did a shoot with my sister when she was 12. He’s just so cool, such an interesting guy, with his fingerless gloves and his Diet Coke. The Chanel couture show was the first one I ever went to, so that was special to me. I remember sitting there with my mouth completely dropping.”

She has met Beyoncé:

‘I met Beyoncé the first time I went [to the Met Gala],’ she grins. ‘I was 13 and I was with my sister, who knew that I loved Beyoncé so much and wanted to meet her. Dakota was talking to her and introduced me, but I couldn’t really say anything. Beyoncé turned around and she was glowing. She said, “You look so cute!” She was really cool.”

Need we say more?

Scroll down to see more from Elle’s spread and a behind-the-scenes video of her shoot where she lets us know where she stands on hot button issues, like the great debate between skinny vs. mom jeans.


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