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Looks like having not one, but two songs topping the music charts right now has really gone to Iggy Azalea’s head  – and we ain’t even mad.

Iggy took to her Instagram account to serve up a serious dose of sexy to followers. The Australian-born rapper stripped down to nothing but strappy swimwear to flaunt her now-famous curves for the ‘Gram. No stranger to showing skin, the first of the two suits was a black one-piece with a low-cut v-neckline and some major cut-outs at the sides.

Iggy did most of her Insta-modeling on a balcony, throwing her head back and letting her blonde locks flow.

What the first bathing suit lacked in decoration, the second made up for with tons of gold straps surrounding her flawless figure. The suit, which would have otherwise been nothing more than a white one-piece, featured twisting gold straps around the middle and shoulders and was paired perfectly with a shiny gold bib-style necklace.

Before taking her talents outdoors, Iggy added royal blue shorts and a matching oversized windbreaker to the outfit with an enormous “LOVE” belt.

Damn, this girl is fancy.


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