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We’ve got one word for an 18-year-old woman who has graced the pages of Vogue, has a reality tv show, and has already hit some of the most exclusive runways known to mankind – winning!

If you forgot for even a second that Kendall Jenner is, in fact, winning, she’s here to remind you as she dishes on doing her dream shoot for French Vogue, an opportunity she says she landed while participating in this year’s Fashion Week.

Kendall told E! while behind the scenes at a photo shoot for her and Kylie’s PacSun collection:

“I get more and more comfortable with everything. It’s fun though, it’s the world I wanna be living in, so it’s awesome.”

As far as Vogue goes:

“I remember hearing about it and I freaked out and I was so excited. It’s a dream. It’s incredible. I feel like when something like that happens and you’re in the moment, you don’t know how to react. It’s so surreal. And then it comes out and you see it and it’s just a dream.”

Kendall’s Vogue stylist, Katie Grand, was apparently more than impressed, as she recently told Grazia:

“I’m happy to see her in high fashion, she looks great, she has a great figure and is easy to dress. She has long elegant limbs, she’s one of those giraffe phenomenas who walk in and look they were drawn that way.”


“It would have been easy for Kendall to go with a bigger agency and gone down a celebrity route but she wants to be taken seriously as a model just like the rest of them.”

We always knew Kendall would take the world by storm when the time came. Check out the rest of her interview here.

Meanwhile, Kendall’s little sister is making fashion statements of her own. Kylie and her blue hair kontinued to take Instagram over the weekend, with Kylie posting the above selfie.

Showing off her brown eyes and perfect pout, the youngest of the krew tosses her blue hair to the side while getting up close and personal with the camera.

Kylie also posted a dope video, in which she shows off the rest of her outfit while moving and grooving to Jhene Aiko’s “Vapors.” Check it out above.

SOURCE: E!, Grazia | PHOTO & VIDEO CREDIT: Instagram, Vogue

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