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Is that the Queen of Beyhive freeing her breasts as she plays with her daughter, the ever so beautiful Blue Ivy? It appears so.

If Beyonce does have on a shirt, we certainly can’t tell and hey, topless Bey is a dream come true, so let us live. The 32-year-old multimillionaire took to her site today and shared photos of herself, Blue, and Jay Z looking like the perfect first family of hip-pop.

Not only is there the possibility that the scenic flick above depicts a shirtless Yoncé frolicking in the grass, Bonnie of hip-hop’s Bonnie ‘N Clyde freed her nips and got cheeky in other photos as well.

Take this one, for example. Beyonce and her new ‘do get up close and personal, as she flaunts a bold statement necklace and her perky girls.

And this one… where Beyonce’s shorts seem to be missing, or are so short we just can’t see ’em. But we’re not complaining because as you can see, makeup-free Bey is beautiful, clothes be damned.

In true Beyhive style, Hov’s wifey also flaunted her gangster in a flick with her hubby, captured her surroundings, and snuggled up close to her daughter. 

Beyonce: Jay’s “gangster wife.”

It is what it is – Blue and Bey are the mother-daughter duo no one can get enough of. Check out more photos below.


Beyonce Shows Off Her New ‘Do, Baby Blue, & Swimsuit Throwbacks (PHOTOS)
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