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Pharrell - Elle UK

Despite his attempts to keep everyone smiling, Pharrell Williams hasn’t made too many people happy this month.

The singer/producer traded in his signature Vivienne Westwood hat for a traditional Native American headdress on the cover of ELLE UK‘s July issue. And the cover is inciting disappointment and anger in a lot of ELLE readers, as well as Pharrell fans, many of whom have turned to social media to discuss. On Twitter, the commentary has rocketed by using the hashtag #nothappy, a play off Pharrell’s hit song.

According the Washington Post, Pharrell shared an apology through his publicist, saying:

“I respect and honor every kind of race, background and culture. I am genuinely sorry.”

Although the artist has endured other controversies, including dispute over the cover art for his latest album, G I R L, Pharrell isn’t usually known for any racial comments or disrespect. That being said, it was a little unclear what prompted his new fashion statement. However, according to a post released on the ELLE UK site, it may have not been his idea at all. The site places responsibility on the magazine’s staff:

“We persuaded ELLE Style Award winner Pharrell to trade his Vivienne Westwood mountie hat for a native American feather headdress in his best ever shoot.”

While that plea for redemption was taken down from the magazine’s site, another more covert and promotional version has taken its place.

What’s your take on Pharrell’s look?


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