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The family of Bowe Bergdahl, the last soldier to be released from Afghanistan who was in captivity for years, is now receiving death threats as he continues to recover at home. His parents have not been seen in public since his return, and the FBI is currently investigating the threats but are not disclosing the nature of them at this time. Details are also emerging of Bergdahl’s torture while he was in captivity, which included being put in a shark cage in darkness for weeks at a time, and being tortured for trying to escape twice [Daily Mail]

A man from NYC shot his mom inside of her apartment, and then walked her to the hospital to get treated before he fled. The son pulled a .380 Caliber gun out before shooting the 62-year-old woman, and putting a bullet in her back. Eventually, he returned to the crime scene and talked to onlookers just before he was arrested. [NY Post]

The Slender Man meme is taking its toll on society one again after a 13-year-old girl stabbed her mother when she became obsessed with the cryptic figure. The mother, who is choosing to remain anonymous, told the media that her daughter did suffer from mental illness, but never thought she would ever hurt her. When she arrived home one evening, her daughter was standing in the kitchen wearing a white mask, before stabbing her repeatedly. [WLWT]