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With Usher’s new single “Good Kisser” heating up the charts, the 35-year-old R&B veteran grabs his homie Rick Ross for the remix.

The two artists worked together in 2012 on their singles “Touch ‘N You” and “Lemme See,” and decided to add “Good Kisser” to the roster of Rozay and “Ursher” collaborations.

“Rebel without a cause, no umbrella, the money stuffed in the doors/Rodeo drive money, old as Clive Davis/blue paper, still chasing dead faces,” raps Ricky.

Usher came under slight fire this weekend when he publicly defended Justin Bieber’s second racist video. Apparently, Usher and Bieber’s camp knew about these videos and their impending release for years now, so it came as no surprise last week when TMZ decided to officially release them.

In other news that doesn’t involve a bratty pop star, Usher is readying his forthcoming album, which is due out later on this year.

Take a listen to Ursher’s remix below.

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