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Sarah ViVan is more than just Lil Wayne‘s baby mother.

The beautiful Cincinnati native is currently doing her thing in radio out in Atlanta. Ms. ViVan is an on air personality on Streetz 94.5 Atlanta and is quickly climbing her way up the ranks, thanks to hard work and hard work alone.

They say you can tell a lot about a person based on the company they keep. Sarah is no different; she has become good friends with Angela Yee and Karen Civil, two of the most successful women in the industry. So it’s safe to say Sarah is being mentored by the best.

Sarah stopped by the No Judgment Zone with BlogXilla to give her first tell-all interview.

She spoke about breaking into radio and her friendship with Yee and Civil:

“I look up to Angela and Karen a lot. Where they are in their lives and careers, that’s where I’m trying to get to, that’s where I’m trying to be. They are so cool because they don’t look down on me, they don’t treat me like the little sister that’s trying to come up, they treat me like their equal. I really appreciate them.”

Mom to 5-year-old Lil Tuney, Sarah lights up when she talks about her kids, letting us know what she’s learned from them:

“They are my best friends. We are growing together. I just try to guide them as much as I can. Especially in this world, since it’s so different now.”

On the flip side, Sarah seems a bit reluctant when it comes to talking about the father of Lil Tuney. She gives a nervous laugh as she recalls Lil Wayne’s now-historic announcement about his first-born son during the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

“I was actually in labor when that happened. So he flew to Cincinnati and was like, ‘I shouted y’all out.’ And I was like ‘what!'”

Sarah also acknowledges that it’s all love between her and Lil Tunechi’s other baby mothers:

“We all have a mutual respect for each other. Because we all love our kids. We all genuinely loved Wayne when we had our time with him. Wayne got lucky!”

Watch the video above for more from our No Judgment Zone interview with Sarah ViVan.

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