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T.I. isn’t living a life of mediocrity and he would prefer you didn’t live a below average life, either.

After much teasing, T.I. premiered his Director X video last night in New York City during an intimate listening session of his forthcoming album, Paperwork. GlobalGrind was lucky enough to be in the building while he played snippets of a half-dozen songs set to be on his latest project.

At the end of the session, T.I. decided it was the perfect time to premiere the video to “No Mediocre,” which was shot in Brazil. The video includes lots of beautiful Brazilian women, showcasing the fact that they’re above and beyond mediocrity. It also features TIP’s female protegé Iggy Azalea, who shakes her Australian cakes for the camera.

Watch T.I. and Iggy hustle through the streets of Rio de Janeiro up top.

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