It’s the Bronco truck seen ’round the world. And now it can be yours — well, at least for a limited time and the right price.

It’s been 20 years since O.J. Simpson was acquitted in the murder trial that shocked a nation, but reference to the White Bronco that led Los Angeles police on a high-speed chase on June 17, 1994 is still the talk of the town. In fact the truck, now owned by three men who bought it in 1995, is being rented out for special events.

[Insert commentary on what special events would possibly need a vehicle linked to a murder trial.]

The Bronco was originally owned by Simpson’s former college football teammate Al Cowlings. If you recall, he was the one who drove the now iconic vehicle during the police chase after Simpson forced him at gunpoint. Months after the trial, Cowlings sold the truck to three men from California for $200,000. They, however, decided not to sell it (due to the sensitivity of the case) and held on to it – until now.

“Because the whole thing was so racially fueled at the time, they didn’t want the perception of profiting off murders and racism,” an insider close to the three men said.

Now, the businessmen are renting out the Bronco to interested parties. Renters are required to sign a confidentiality form to protect the identities of the owners.

So, where has it been on its renting tour?

The Bronco was displayed as the main attraction of the sports museum Score! in Las Vegas’ Luxor Hotel in 2012.

“Most people loved it and were taking photos in front of it and posting them on Twitter and Instagram,” a former Score! staff member said.

“People were really excited and they couldn’t believe that we had that piece of memorabilia. But I’m sure that wouldn’t have been the response we would have gotten 15 or 10 years ago,” the ex-employee added.

Upon learning about the presence of the Bronco in the hotel, MGM Resorts International, the owner of Luxor, had the car removed due to the controversies surrounding it.

Months later, the car re-appeared at an art event organized by the Brant Foundation. The Bronco was displayed in the presence of elite personalities of the art world such as designer Cynthia Rowley and photographer Terry Richardson.

No word yet on where the Bronco will appear next. But your signature on a confidentiality form and the right kind of green may get you a peek.

SOURCE: Fashion Times | PHOTO CREDIT: Screengrab/YouTube

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