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Jeremy Meeks good looking felon mugshot

So this is happening.

Jeremy Meeks, the 30-year-old who has caught the eyes of hundreds of thousands of ladies with his chiseled jaw, blue eyes and overall arresting good looks, has just one evident flaw about him.

He’s a felon. And yes, the guy dubbed #DreamyMcMugshot and #FineFelon on the internet is really a legit bad guy. He was arrested on Wednesday on five felony weapon charges and one gang charge, according to the California Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page. Meeks was one of four people arrested as part of a crackdown on the increasing violence in the Stockton neighborhood

But being a felon and being attractive aren’t mutually exclusive. And so started the swooning. As of Friday, Meeks’ image has more than 70,000 Likes and almost 20,000 comments on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page.

According to Mashable, the other three mugshots have less than 2,000 Likes collectively.

But this is the internet…aka the judgement zone. Enter the finger wagging. While women and men pointed out his good looks, others took it as an opportunity to trash those individuals for “glamorizing crime.” And if you ever frequent Twitter during one of those “women ain’t shit” sessions, you know that the name calling was just one of the jabs being thrown.

Which brings us to a few points:

  • Pointing out how attractive Meeks is was in no way excusing him of his crimes.
  • Pointing out how attractive Meeks is was in no way glamorizing said crime.
  • Pointing out how attractive Meeks is does not make you “a slut.”
  • Pointing out how attractive Meeks is does not mean you invite violence into your life (or that you like bad boys).
  • Women are allowed to be attracted to whomever they choose. We weren’t sure men knew that.
  • Felons can be pretty too.

At the end of the day, it’s just a picture. Relax.

Hey Twitter, it was never that serious. We’re sure people aren’t out here really trying to marry a guy who, before this, spent some nine years in jail for grand theft and is currently being held on $900,000 bail.

We’re just saying he’s cute. And that’s it. Let’s save the think pieces and move on as a people.

PHOTO CREDIT: Police Department, Twitter

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