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Last week, New York City was stunned when longtime radio personality Angie Martinez announced she was leaving Hot 97. After 20 plus years on the mic at the country’s most influential hip-hop station, Angie decided June 18th would be the end of an era.

When the news broke, the 43-year-old radio icon immediately began trending worldwide on Twitter, and of course, the rumors began swirling shortly thereafter.

Did she have beef with Ebro Darden (the station’s longtime program director)? Is she going to take a shot at television? Wonder if she’s quitting radio for good?

All of those questions were asked, but the debate really heated up when Power 105 retweeted Angie’s official announcement with a winky face emoji attached. Rumors immediately circulated that Angie was leaving Hot 97 to join the station’s biggest rival and ratings stealer, Power 105. Less than 24 hours later, it was confirmed. Angie Martinez was indeed leaving Hot 97 to join the heavily syndicated Power 105.

Over her 20-year career, Angie has interviewed late great legends like Tupac Shakur, collaborated with living legends like Jay Z, had a pretty successful rap career, owned a record label, and made a few acting cameos here and there. Basically, Angie has tried her hand at all things hip-hop.

For the first time since announcing her departure, Angie sat down at her new home station, Power 105, to discuss why she left Hot 97 after so many years, her future, and of course, her reasons for joining the rival team.

Check out Angie’s interview with The Breakfast Club, and check out how she’s changed over the years in the gallery below.


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