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A lot of ish went down this weekend during the BET festivities. Chris Brown was the life of the party, Amber Rose kissed a girl, Nicki Minaj went on about “authenticity,” and now this.

During Tiny’s appearance on the BET Awards red carpet, she was speaking with the press and out walked boxer Floyd Mayweather with his girl. He spotted Tiny and reached out to get her attention.

We don’t know Mayweather’s actual intentions, but Tiny cut her interview short and went about her business, acting as if Mayweather just didn’t exist. With all the negative talk surrounding her and T.I.’s relationship being on the rocks, it probably would have been a bad look for her and Mayweather to be speaking.

Oddly enough during the actual awards show, host Chris Rock cracked a joke about the T.I. and Mayweather brawl that happened last month, right in front of T.I. and Tiny themselves. Awkward.

Tiny was sitting right next to her man during the show, so it looks like the Harris couple are smartly minding their own business – for now.