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Luke James stopped by the No Judgement Zone with BlogXilla to discuss his new single Options feat. Rick Ross, as well as his long awaited debut album which will drop later this year.

Luke recalled when he worked a regular job and how his boss, Miss Anne, helped him hone his performance skills.

“I wasn’t good at doing shows. I was basically a newcomer, so she took my Saturday mornings, I was the only one who came in to work,” at a tourist spot next to Bourbon Street. “I had to do all the shows until the next shift came in, that was probably around three. So I did about 15 shows and it drove me crazy… It help me out. If prepared me for life at the end of the day you have to show out. People came to see you, you have to show out and be on.”

He also discussed the best advice Beyonce ever gave him – which was to never cheat on his girlfriends. So we asked him how he applied that to his life.

“I think my team. They are big on karma. One of my managers always says, ‘Your karma is going to mess up my karma.’ Just be good. I think at the end of the day she was saying just be good and good will come to you.”

He also mentioned how Angela Bassett kept him from eating Popeyes on set of Black Nativity, future acting roles, and more. Check it out above.