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Only a few days ago, Amber Rose accused a doorman at 1Oak nightclub in West Hollywood of homophobia, saying he wouldn’t let her gay male friend inside.

Muva took to Twitter:

And she definitely didn’t leave her gay and lesbian friends behind at the club this time either, inviting them out to a different venue – Penthouse nightclub.

Amber posted the invite to her Instagram for her ‘Rosebud’ fans, with the caption:

My Gay and Lesbian Rosebuds Come see me TONIGHT Sunday July 13th at@penthousewesthollywood@thesignaturegroup_bookings

The 30-year-old mom also later posted a chill pic of her and her tatas, with the caption:


Just when we think we can’t love Amber anymore, she surprises us.

PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Instagram

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