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Yesterday, I previewed 15 minutes worth of footage of the upcoming Paramount Pictures blockbuster Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and honestly, I was completely amazed.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been very invested in this film. Hell, I grew up a Turtle fan, I made my mother bring me to see all three movies, I watched the cartoon faithfully, and all my quarters were spent playing the game.

So if you’re like me, you’re pretty excited about this movie, and in order to hold you over, I’ve found out a few secrets about the film. Here’s what I learned from watching the footage and talking to TMNT producer Andrew Form.

1. The first thing I noticed? Raphael is wearing a durag! No seriously, look…

2. The Turtles are bulletproof. I spoke with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles producer Andrew Form, who gave me the scoop: “Every once in a while, you’ll see something new in the movie, and you’ll say that wasn’t in the comics or anything, but very, very infrequently. The bulletproof will probably be the biggest thing.”

3. There is also an amazing scene with Raf and bullets. It’s pretty much worth going to Comic-Con just to see it.

4. The traditional weapons are all in the film, but they also have some cool ass accessories. Michelangelo always keeps his jet skateboard on him at all times and he is so fast with his nunchucks he can block bullets. Still, it’s Donatello who has the most tricks in his shell. “Donatello’s got so much. He has the most things, he can track anything, and all the apps in there. He’s very tech savvy,” Form explained. Donnie also has a retracting Bo staff, which does some awesome things in the film.

5. You’ll get to see how the Turtles became martial arts experts. The TMNT producer reveals, “There’s a big training sequence in the movie where you see them grow up when they’re 10 years old and you see them learning their weapons and their craft and each one, that’s what they are, experts.”

6. You’ll also get to witness a new and improved Shredder. He can launch his blades and make them return – like a boomerang. There is also a big fight sequence in the movie between Shredder and Master Splinter that Form calls one of his favorite scenes: “Those two go at it, and you can’t believe what the rat does with his tail… He jumps around, climbing up the walls.”

7. The entire film was shot in New York City and they picked out some amazing locations. The final battle scene was filmed on top of the Conde Nast building.

8. In the footage I saw, there is an amazing shot of Megan Fox‘s booty – which will probably once again make her every young man’s favorite actress.

9. Leo and Raf’s issues are still in the film, which Turtle fans will love, and then you add in Mikey’s humor to add to the authenticity.

10. The Turtles follow the new comics where they are all different sizes. This was originally director Michael Bay‘s thing. He felt that if you only saw their shadow, you should be able to tell them apart. There is a lot of stealth fighting in the film, so while some of the older Turtle fans tell the guys apart from their colors, now you can tell who’s who just by looking at them.

Andrew explains, “We wanted them all to feel different in size. You know, Michelangelo is the small fun guy, Rafael is always going to be our bruiser. Their personalities fit their size. Donnie is the skinny tall guy. It was always about, let’s be able to tell these guys apart if you can’t see their bandanas.”

11. The movie opens up in three weeks and they are still not done with it! The special effect guys are busy at Industrial Light and Magic in San Fran trying to finish this one up before its August 8th release date, but judging from what I found out, this one might steal the summer.

PHOTO CREDIT: Paramount Pictures

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