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You read that right. Snoop Dogg recently confessed to sparking up in the White House after a visit back in December 2013 for the Kennedy Center Honors.

The confession was made on Snoop Dogg’s Double G News Network show on YouTube during an appearance by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel asked Snoop if he had ever smoked at the White House. Snoop replied:

“In the bathroom, not in the White House, but in the bathroom.”

He claimed he reassured Secret Service agents he would only be igniting a napkin before he had a smoke in the bathroom on his recent visit. Major side eye.

“I said may I use the bathroom for a second? And they said What are you going to do, a number one or number two? I said number two,” explains Snoop. He went on to explain: “So I said look, when I do a number two I usually have a cigarette or light something to get the aroma right. And they said You know what, you can light a piece of napkin and I said I’ll do that.”

Snoop then takes a puff of a joint and adds: “And the napkin was this.”

Leave it to “Uncle Snoop” to have a crazy story like this.


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