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Some trends fail to see another season, while others are able to hang on for years. At times it can seem like a hit or miss industry, but some brands know what it takes to stick around.

Both Entree Lifestyle and Frost Originals are clothing brands that seem to have what it takes to stay relevant in the ever-changing industry. GlobalGrind got the chance to chat with both of the labels to hear about what makes them each so unique and what they’ve been working on for their fall collections at Agenda NYC.

Entree LS, a Brooklyn-based streetwear brand, went from selling T-shirts out of car trunks and basements to selling a much larger line in over 100 boutiques around the globe. Marketing Director Reggie Elliott spoke with us about Entree LS and Unknown, a contemporary branch-off from the original line designed to attract a more mature audience.

Frost Originals focuses on high-end streetwear, using bold colors and exotic fabric. Chances are you’ve seen your favorite rappers wearing some of Frost’s original, one-of-one pieces from the brand, including 2 Chainz and French Montana.

Find out all the designer deets and more in the interview up top.


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