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Get On Up, the James Brown biopic, hits theaters this Friday and I can honestly say it’s amazing.

Two minutes into the movie, the soul of James Brown comes to life as Chadwick Boseman nails the Godfather of Soul in this tribute to the life of one of the most influential men in show business.

Last week I went to the legendary Apollo Theater to sit down with the stars of Get On Up, Chadwick and Octavia Spencer, to talk them about their roles.

Chadwick gave me the 411 on his transformation into James Brown saying,

“It was a process. This is a man who reinvented himself so the difficult part was who was he at this time, who was he 50’s who was he in the 60’s, who was he in the 70’s, who was he in the 80’s. All those different things it was a lot of research. It was a lot of collaboration with the hair people,” he explained. “The collaboration with them was amazing.”

When it comes to the makeup and costumes Chadwick did let us know that, “Dancing in a wig for 15 hours is never going to be comfortable.”

During my chat with Octavia she revealed some great advice for all actresses coming up in the game.

“We all think that its glitz and glamour. My very first job on a set I was 16. I was an intern. All we see is the Oscars, red carpets, diamonds, beautiful dresses. We don’t really realize how much work really goes into it. So for me it was you got to put the work in. It didn’t take me moving to Hollywood to find that out.”

Wise words from an award-winning actress. Get On Up is in theaters everywhere Friday, August 1st, 2014.