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A year ago, JWoww wasn’t sure when she would become a mother, but now that she is one, she can’t get enough of it.

The Jersey Shore star gave birth to her baby girl Meilani just 3 weeks ago, and already she’s spoiling us with baby photos of her brand new bundle of joy.

In new pictures on Instagram, JWoww showed off a sleeping Meilani, who was taking a rest in her mother’s arms. Later, she showed the little girl fast asleep on her daddy Roger’s chest.

JWoww spoke with Us Weekly about her baby girl and being a new mommy, telling the site:

“She’s so beautiful. Roger said it the other day, ‘You could smear her in poop and she’d still look gorgeous,'” the Jersey Shore alum, 28, told Us of her newborn. “She really is so pretty.”

Despite sleeping on JWoww’s Instagram, Meilani seems to have plenty of energy.

“The craziest part of her is that she’s been wide awake since birth! People keep saying she has such a great personality and is always awake and doing stuff,” Farley bragged. “She’s very aware of her surroundings, and people say that’s not normal, so I’m already just so proud and think she’s so special. She loves being held, and she loves looking at our faces and grabbing our fingers.

“She just giggles in her sleep and then goes back to bed. It’s so cute.”

She even raves about Roger as a father and how he treats her like a little princess:

“We’re so excited. We actually have to fight over parental responsibilities because [Roger’s] such a doting dad — he wants to do everything and hold her all the time, and I tell him he’s gotta give her up because I want to hold her, too!” Farley gushed.

“He would take care of her 24/7 if he had his way, and that, to me, is special — knowing I have someone who wants to be such a big part of her life, especially when it comes to poopy diapers and her spitting up and stuff like that,” she continued. “He’s all about changing diapers and cleaning up after her!”

Both JWoww and Snooki turned into quite the domestic goddesses. Who would have thought…

SOURCE: Us Weekly | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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