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A$AP Rocky is ready to continue making his mark on the music world, but he’s also working on becoming better known in the fashion industry.

The Harlem rapper just landed the cover of i-D Magazine, and he looks adorably trill while sporting unique designer wear and flaunting his unique sense of style.

In the interview Rocky talks his love for dark fashion, why he will never be a fashion designer and create his own clothing line, and feminism.

He revealed to the magazine on his love for dark fashion:

“My music, like my passion for fashion, is really dark at times. I’m capable of making a happy song here and there, not quitePharrell’s ‘Happy,’ but I prefer dark fashion and dark music. I was born in the dark, I create in the dark, I work in the dark, I make love in the dark. It means

And as far as never being a fashion designer:

“I wouldn’t design,” he explains. “I would collab. I’m not a fashion designer.” Fans of Rocky’s sense of fashion and aesthetic might be disappointed, but his reasoning for abstaining is more mature than you might think. “I have too much respect for it. Imagine ifRick Owens or Alexander Wang said, ‘I’m gonna be the next rapper.’ Fucking up the game and shit.”

He also told the magazine why he quit lean, and revealed his new drug of choice:

“My inspiration now is from psychedelics and shit. LSD, I love it. It almost makes you feel like you’re the best creator next to God.”

Oh boy. Check out Rocky’s spread from the magazine here.

PHOTO CREDIT: i-D Magazine

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