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Ever since ‘Ye put his angel in Kim Kardashian‘s ultrasound, we feel like we’ve won.

The fact is when Kim was trotting her baby bump around L.A. last year, we often imagined just how beautiful KimYe’s heiress would be. Because, lets face it: Kim is one of the baddest of all time (of all time), and Kanye‘s smile is magical. Just like his mind.

In our minds, North – who wasn’t named at the time – was destined to be intelligent and talented like her dad, gorgeous and business-minded like her mom, and very well-dressed like both of her superstar hip-pop parents. And we were right.

Obviously, she turned out to be a cutie pie but more intriguing is the fact that North looks just. like. ‘Ye.

To really drive our point home, we’ve gathered 27 photos that prove North and her dad are twinsies. Because we’re obsessed. Deal with it.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Vogue

Mini-Me: Every Time Kanye & North West Were Twins (PHOTOS)
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