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When you turn 22, how do you celebrate?

Go out to dinner with your closest friends? Nah. Hit all the hotspots in your city? Nope. Give the world a glimpse at your highly anticipated clothing line? That’s exactly what Cara Delevingne yesterday to celebrate her birthday.

Earlier this year, the girl behind the bushy brows announced she’d be teaming up with DKNY to create a capsule collection, and yesterday on her birthday, she decided to give us all a glimpse at what she’s been working on.

In a press release that she actually penned herself, Cara says we can look forward to “15 pieces to play with—no rules, no ‘looks,’ just opportunities.”

The pieces won’t be available until October 15, but there are a few items we already have our eyes – or shall we say eyebrows – on: the “Don’t worry do you” and “If you can read this, you’re too close” tees featuring the model’s mug, the navy blue bomber jacket, and leather jacket with silver finishes.

Peep the full collection over at Fashionista before Cara’s line launches at the brand’s Madison Avenue store, Bloomingdale’s on 59th St.,, and Shopbop.

SOURCE: Fashionista | PHOTO CREDIT: Wenn, DKNY

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