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Thursday night saw hundreds of nationwide protests and vigils in the name of Michael Brown, the unarmed teenager fatally shot by a Ferguson Mo., police officer on August 9.

The groups stood in solidarity against police brutality in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Hawaii and more, using the hashtag #NMOS14 — a social media movement created by community activist Feminista Jones that calls for a national moment of silence for victims of police brutality, including 18-year-old Brown.

“We’re having a national moment of silence — one chord, one silent voice — to honor not only Mike Brown, not only Eric Garner, but all victims of police brutality, especially those who have lost their lives,” Jones told USA Today.

“We must mourn the loss of people who have become victims, and give them a place to find healing with people who care,” she said.

After wondering why vigils were held away from people who are affected by police brutality, Jones set out to do her work. You can read how social media helped NMOS14 grow in this Storify.

Here are some of the powerful images gathered from protests Thursday night:

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SOURCE: FeministaJones, USA Today, Newser

Remembering Mike Brown: Most Powerful Photos From The 2014 Ferguson Police Protests
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