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On Sunday evening, more than 100 people gathered near downtown St. Louis in support of Darren Wilson, the officer who shot an unarmed Michael Brown six times on August 9.

With signs emblazoned with Wilson’s name, protestors stood outside the KSDK-TV studio to sign billboards in support of the officer and wave American flags.

The rally was organized through the Facebook page Support Darren Wilson, which as of Monday, has garnered more than 23,000 likes.

The page was created on Saturday.

From Think Progress:

The administrators of the page encouraged the protesters not to speak to the media. Several people in attendance, however, did speak to Jon Swaine, who covered the rally for The Guardian. One attendee, Damon Andersen, predicted that as a result of the controversy “Ferguson will now be forced to hire 10 African American police officers… Let the black officers see how difficult it is to try and deal with the black criminals…”

Mostly all of the protestors were white, according to Jon Swaine of The Guardian.

The rally also amassed a sum of money to support Wilson, or as many residents protesting Brown’s shooting death believe, in support of the tactical gear and militarization of police that has escalated clashes between protestors and police for a week.

One donor, who identified himself as John Dawson, wrote “As a retired officer I have run into thugs like Mike Brown also. Why do we let the media make a hero out of a thug and a criminal out of a good officer.” As of Sunday evening, the effort raised over $2100.

Armored vehicles, tear gas, and officers in riot gear were absent from Sunday’s protest.

SOURCE: Think Progress, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook

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