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All is fair in love and R&B, right? Well, K. Michelle doesn’t think so.

The songstress, who’s out promoting her Rebellious Soul musical, has never been one to keep mum about any beef. Whether it be via Twitter or Instagram, if K. Michelle has a problem, she’ll address it.

Unfortunately, her most recent beef is with her ex-friend and fellow singer Elle Varner. Although both ladies are managed by the same company, K is accusing Elle of stealing a song from her, and swooping in on Meek Mill – even though she allegedly knew K. had a crush on him.

In an interview with Hot 97, K. Michelle revealed:

“So, I had a record. I played that record for my friend [Elle] at that time. The next thing I knew she threw off her shoes and said, ‘Oh my God, this is a great record.’ So, when she went through her breakup with Iman [Shumpert], she was searching for an identity. She wanted to be more sexy. She started wearing wigs. She started hanging around me and she started to curse and say, ‘I’m the real bad girl.’ Okay, b—h you can have that. I’m trying to get out of being the bad girl. You see how much fun it is getting talked about every day. Right now they think you sell Girl Scout cookies every day so fine.”

She added:

I did have a crush on Meek. You get on Twitter and say, ‘Yeah Meek tried to talk to me and I swerved him.’ Okay, why would you do that to your friend? But I’m the crazy one. I’m the mean one. I let it slide.[…]She wanted attention because we don’t give a f–k about that India.Arie a– music. No offense against India.Arie because I love her. We like India because she’s India. [Elle’s] not India. Go sit down trying to be K. Michelle and India with the guitar. It just don’t work.

Shade! Check out what else K. Michelle had to say about Elle in the video above.

SOURCE: Necole Bitchie | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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