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Floyd Mayweather’s father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., has had enough of 50 Cent coming for his son.

Recently, the G-Unit rapper posted a video on Instagram challenging Mayweather to read a full-page from a Harry Potter book without stopping. Fifty offered to pay $750,000 to the charity of Floyd’s choice if he was able to complete the task.

Mayweather has not responded to the challenge, even after the rapper made yet another video – but his dad has.

In an interview with Brian Shapiro on Fox Sports 670 Las Vegas, the elder Mayweather revealed the reason he believes 50 Cent keeps cracking jokes about his son.

“50 Cent seems like he’s got a problem since Floyd left him. He’s a world known singer and he’s acting like a kid,” he said.

The boxing champ’s father assured Fox Sports hosts that 50 wouldn’t be laughing anymore if he and Floyd actually got in the ring.

“He weighs over 100 pounds more than Floyd. Let him go up against Floyd…put that on video. Floyd would stop all that. Wouldn’t be no more said.”

Listen to the full audio here.


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