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We seriously miss Adele.

Although Adele’s promised a new album in 2015, we need her to return to music’s forefront like, yesterday. Thankfully, two previously unreleased tracks titled “You’ll Never See Me Again” and “Never Gonna Leave You” have made their way onto the ‘net.

Apparently, both tracks were recorded in 2010 with producer Fraser T Smith, but didn’t make the final cut on Adele’s critically acclaimed 21 album. Adele recently announced she’s recording her third studio album, rumored to be titled 25. Adele’s new album is scheduled to drop sometime in early 2015.

Both songs are completely worth a listen, or three. “You’ll Never See Me Again” and “Never Gonna Leave You” didn’t make the cut on 21, but they make the cut for us.

Listen below.

“You’ll Never See Me Again”

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